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We produce a small variety of organic products for the time being as our focus is Quality and not Quantity.  We will eventually grow our production and increase the series of products offered but only after a careful growth plan and without compromising the Quality of our products.


Our first product is packaged organic unsalted and raw almonds collected from our organic almond tree around the vineyards.  These trees are over 80years old.  The organic almonds are packaged in bags of 250gr and/or 500gr and sold Only to selected Organic Stores in Cyprus.

Our second product is our organic white wine made of the indigenous Xynisteri grape variety. Every year the most recent vintage is released.  Organic and Fresh!

Our third product is our organic red maratheftiko wine made of the indigenous grape variety Maratheftiko. Every year the vintage of the last year is released.  This wine is fermented in either oak barrels or in stainless steal fermentation tanks depended on the year and harvest and it is aged in oak barrels for at least 9 months. 

In addition, in the next 12-18 months, we are planning to produce the following additional products:

  1. Organic raisins from organic indigenous grape variety Mavro.

  2. Organic grape leaves from organic indigenous grape variety Mavro.

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